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"I am very selective about which teaching gigs I take; but I would never hesitate to return to Broadway Playground. The students were eager to learn, passionate, and hard-working. I met terrific new talent...and can’t wait to go back!"

-Joy Dewing, CSA (Casting Director)

"Broadway Playground students are getting some of the best training offered!"

-Kaitlin Shaw (Casting Director; Tara Rubin Casting)

"With Broadway Playground, Brett Schrier has created not just an incredible opportunity for performers to learn from industry professionals - but also a thriving community where participants can see each other grow and support each other's work.  I had an amazing time and found the students to be extremely talented and thoroughly well-prepared."

-Michael Cassara, CSA (Casting Director)

"Broadway Playground classes help you become a better artist and human!"

-Lindsay Levine (Casting Director; Tara Rubin Casting)

"Broadway Playground is invaluable! When I was a young performer, I would have given anything to have access to professional coaching and advice...from people currently working in the business. An INCREDIBLE experience! 

–Stephen Carrasco (Broadway’s Kinky Boots, Ghost, Billy Elliot, White Christmas)

"Broadway Playground is condusive to creativity!"

-Terry Berland (LA Casting Director; Author of Breaking Into Commercials)

"The students are smart, talented and fearless. I love the warm and nurturing environment Broadway Playground provides!"

-Gayle Seay (Casting Director; Wojcik|Seay Casting)

"I was very impressed. The students with Broadway Playground are indeed competitive with NYC talent."

-Alison Franck, CSA (Casting Director; Franck Casting)

"Broadway Playground is truly a gift!"

-Catherine Janey (Parent)

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